Who we are.

Bringing you better coffee that serves a higher purpose.


The team at Trujillo Coffee Company consists of nine, five of which are under the age of six, and admittedly haven’t tried the product, but the rest of us who have, started this business out of a shared love for caffeine and the nation of Honduras. Between the 4 adults, we have been to Honduras over 35 times, and over the years have fallen in love with the people, been impacted by the work God has done in and through us on our trips, and have developed a longing to call the nation home.


As we worked towards that end, we began asking our friends in Honduras what a couple of gringos could do who moved to their country. After several years, and lots of conversation, the idea of a coffee business was developed. As it turns out, our friends own and operate a large coffee plantation, the profits of which all support church planters across the nation. One of these church plants is in the coastal town of Trujillo, our current home, and the inspiration for our company’s name.


In the fall of 2016, two of our team members went to the plantation, met the coffee engineer and other employees of the plantation, picked up a few hundred pounds of coffee, and brought it home to try our hand at roasting. Trujillo Coffee Company was born out of our garage, and after a few weeks of trial and error we began filling our neighborhood with the smell of green beans being transformed into brown nuggets of tastiness.

We have since expanded our coffee inventory, adding different varieties of coffee as well as a Colombian coffee, all hand crafted to perfection. Every pound bought supports the work to be done across Honduras, especially in the town of Trujillo. We hope that your experience with Trujillo Coffee Company blesses you with delicious coffee, gives purpose to every cup, and all at a good price.