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All of our chocolate is handmade from cacao harvested from the Wampusirpi area in the jungles of Honduras. With the exception of the milk chocolate, we make all of our chocolates with only 3 ingredients, cocoa, cocoa butter, and sugar. 

Variety Box

This box comes with a good mixture of the following:

  •  Milk Squares
  •  70% Dark Squares
  •  56% Balanced Squares
  •  Crunchy Squares

Milk Chocolate

We believe this is the richest and creamiest milk chocolate you're ever going to enjoy. 

56% Balanced Chocolate

This is the chocolate bar for everyone!

A nice balance of sweetness and chocolate. 


Our 56% balanced bar, with cocoa nibs added in at the last minute to give it a crunch. Doing this gives a great crunch, while still being chocolate made from just 3 ingredients!

70% Dark Chocolate

This is every dark chocolate lover's dream!

Dark Crunchy

Not for the faint of heart! We start with our 70% dark chocolate, and then add cocoa nibs in at the last minute to give it a crunch. This chocolate ends up being more than 80% cocoa. 


    The bars are 50 grams and has 12 small pieces you can break off and enjoy!

    The squares are 17 grams and has 4 small pieces you can break off, the perfect amount to enjoy with a cup of coffee!